The Springer Spaniel is extremely intelligent, family-oriented companion. It is devoted, loving, sociable, and is great with children and other animals. Due to their bravery, ability to focus and stamina, they are best suited for an active household that will include it in the daily happenings. They are not suitable as a guard dog because of their eagerness to meet every person it sees. The Springer needs as much mental exercise as it does physical exercise to keep it happy and healthy.



The Springer Spaniel is a sporting breed and has limitless energy. They excel in dog sports such as agility, fly ball, obedience trials, hunt trials and loves to swim. Due to its energy and exercise requirements, this breed is not suited to apartment living. A house with a large yard is ideal. The Springer is highly intelligent and is extremely easy to train; it is very responsive and eager to please. It is a sensitive breed and responds best to a gentle voice, positive reinforcement and firm but accepting leadership.



The Springer is an average shedder. It is recommended to brush their coat on a daily basis to remove dead hair and to prevent matting. If the hair is kept long, the coat will require more extensive combing. Bathe only when necessary to avoid drying out the skin.

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