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We migrated from Seattle and built our own little paradise on 5.6 acres along the Skookumchuck River in Tenino, WA.  We love to grow things and planted our orchard before the house was even built. We built a couple of greenhouses for growing veggie starts and gorgeous hanging baskets. It has become a wonderful place for raising our dogs and they love the farm as much as we do.

Our love for Springers started over 30 years ago, when Mike adopted Harry as a companion for he and his son.  Harry sired a few litters in his later years, wherein Hank became our second-generation Springer Spaniel. Because Harry and Hank were such great companions, we decided that we wanted to carry on their line and adopted Gracie into our family.  We kept Harley and Roxy from their litter.  Unfortunately, Harley passed away before he could sire our fourth-generation. Roxy is still with us - healthy and enjoying the companionship of our new generation.

We chose to become a small hobby breeder because of our love and experience with the breed. Our dogs are AKC registered and we only breed once a year. They have constant interaction with us as well as with each other.  Our dogs have plenty of room to run and play, numerous birds to chase off in the orchard, and a river to swim or wade in when they want to cool off.   

We have found Springers to be very loving, devoted, intelligent, eager to please, easy to train, energetic and playful. Although we do not use our dogs for hunting, they have a naturally strong instinct to hunt. They can be great bird dogs with some additional training.

Our desire is to help others discover what a wonderful companion and family member the Springer Spaniel can be.  They have brought so much joy to our lives and know they will do the same for you!



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